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Wonderful Watamu - By Siri L . Sitt

The laughter under the palm trees drew our attention as we returned from our evening stroll on the beach. As if thrown by force of the sun, a volleyball came bouncing across the beach followed by a bounding teenager. Before any words of protest or assent could be uttered, my family sped into the sprinted game.


Children of all ages (including, but not limited to those approaching the fifty year old range) kicked up sand as they displayed a variety of previously unheard of volleyball techniques. But when fun is the name of the game, and when the sun is setting on white sands and swaying palms, any sport has style.

The biggest problem we encountered at Turtle Bay Beach Club, was not the lack of things to do, but trying to choose which activity to enjoy next. We decided the best choice was simply to stay longer next time.

A perfect family vacation combines energy with recovery. We found both. For all the organising mothers when they developed the Beach Club. My favourite part of the Kid’s Club is the staff. How they maintain their energy levels all day long with activities galore ( and by galore, I mean copious…. wether water geared or dry land, no child can claim boredom with the amount of options available).

I watched in amazement as they not only entertained the children, but found the vigour for volleyball and then the get-and-go for boogying with the band and the “big kids” (namely us) late that night.