ECOWORLD WATAMU – A Local Solution to Plastic Pollution

It is now 8 years since Turtle Bay partnered with Watamu Marine Association (WMA) in 2009 to start a beach cleaning and waste management program for Watamu.

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Crab Shack Dabaso in the Magical Mangroves of Mida Creek

I love seafood – I love the sea-saltiness in the oysters, the calamari, the prawns and the crabs. And I love seafood that’s fished out of the ocean without damaging the local ecology while sustaining the local people and economy.

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Kirepwe Island on Mida Creek, Watamu
Exploring ancient ruins

The plan is to have a feast of all things oceanic at the Crab Shack at Dabaso Creek on the greater Mida Creek. I wade in the shallow water of the mangrove-lined creek to the dug-out canoe past village kids splashing around for a sunset sail on the water before the feast.

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World Environment Day Beach Cleanup
6 June 2017

Each year on this special event day, the Watamu community goes into action and heads for the beaches. Hotels, community and conservation groups and the Kenya Wildlife Service join together to clean marine waste from our 10km of beaches.

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Killer Whales Watamu

Watamu is known for many things, the pristine sandy beaches, breath-taking views and the biodiversity of the waters. That is expected. But Watamu is always full of surprises too.

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Humpback Whales the Most Majestic Animals in the Ocean

Humpback whales are the most majestic animals in the ocean, and can be seen in the Watamu Protected Area on the Kenyan Coast, as well as several other species of whale

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