Free education!? Not so free!


There has been widespread misinformation that education in Kenya is free (wholly taken care of by the government). The truth of the matter is; the government has been only paying up the tuition fee which is only a fraction of the money paid as school fee and left the rest to the parents. The remaining sum still makes a huge chuck of money.  The already destitute parents still have to get school uniforms, text books and make other payment required by school administration such as activity fee, school development fee, meal plans and so forth. This kind of situation still makes many students/children to drop out of school. We are very proud of our guests who have over the years been of great assistance to us and have taken up sponsorship for the local children.

Beatrice visiting Turtle Bay

Special thanks goes to Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Usher who have been supporting Jackson Sirya through College, Mrs. Anne Scott who enabled Benjamin Mwazoya to enroll for a degree course at University of Nairobi (Mombasa Campus), Mrs. Sue Christie, who supports many orphaned children staying at God Our Father Centre for Needy children’s home and finally Miss Ann Sharp who made sure Beatrice Owuor resumed her secondary schooling.

Benjamin at the campus Library

Many thanks to the many other guests whom I have not mentioned but sponsoring children or have been donating pens, pencils, erasers and crayon and many other learning materials to be given to Watamu educational institutions. Apologies for crying out loud but we still need more help to assist the many children who visit the community office in such of bursaries.  Thank you very much in deed for the support.


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