Tourists with a purpose 


When we made the call for interested volunteers to come out and help the people of Watamu, a mother and son came out to volunteer at Gede Special School and at Sita Hidden community Snake Park respectively.


Joe with a colleague making a cage

Joe, a very young boy who just turned 18 years did a complete overhaul of the Sita community snake park by constructing a new perimeter fence, doing fresh new cages for the snakes, going out in search of snakes and helping the community to keep these snakes away from people.

Construction of the snake cage

He did posters and educated the locals on the importance of conserving the snakes and what they should do when the snakes are sighted.


 Happy faces after a job well done

In most occasions Joe, would do educational tour for guests visiting the Sita community snake park and marketing of the snake park to the guests staying at the hotel. In his overall stay he raised the profile of the snake park by producing posters to advertise the snake park.
Kathy Rablah (Volunteer) with Gede special pupils

Kathy Rablah, the mother to Joe spent five days a week for two months at Gede special school. This is a school that caters for the pupils that are mostly neglected or looked down upon by the society as they suffer physical and mental challenges.
A boy in new uniform donated to him

In most African society including here at the Kenyan coast, such physical impairments are considered curses which makes most of the parents to either lock up their children away from the society or neglect them. Children of such nature always find refuge in schools like Gede Special School where they are looked upon.
A happy pupil

Kathy’s work majorly involved teaching, providing one on one support to the children’s needs and imparting life skills as most of them are not well endowed to excel academically. Apart from that, Kathy also provided learning materials and gifted each and every child a new pair of uniforms.

One of the Gede special pupils

Turtle Bay has been very glad to host them and would do so in future if they opt to come out again. The Watamu community has benefitted immensely from the expertise that they brought to their respective places of work and welcomes any other guest who would like to come out.

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