World Environmental Day 2017

Watamu celebrates International Environmental days by taking actions on environmental problems. The more pronounced problem in Watamu is marine and pollution due to plastic wastes. This year the world environmental day was celebrated by holding a beach clean and entire clean-up of the Watamu neighbourhood.

Even the young came out to participate in the clean up

This activity was aimed at removing the beach debris which has been scientifically proven to be very harmful to marine life (especially Turtles and young Albatross birds that mistakes them for jelly fish and small fish respectively) as well as being an eyesore to the tourists and beach users.  For the other part of the neighbourhood, water trapped in plastics have been breeding grounds for mosquitoes, a vector for malaria which kills many in the developing world.

Chairman of WMA, the umbrella organization of Watamu groups giving a speech to the school children who participated in the beach clean

Kenya Wildlife Service Watamu took the lead in the organization of the day’s activity. Attendance for this exercise was drawn from stakeholders in Watamu such as hotels; turtle bay beach club taking the lead, environmental Non-governmental organization as well as community youth and women groups who came out in large numbers to make our beaches pristine again. A total of over 2 tons of wastes was removed from the beach. Continued support of every stakeholder is a big welcome and much appreciation goes out to all who came out on the day. We look forward to welcoming everyone again for the upcoming International Coastal Cleanup Day in September.

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