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From the GM’s desk

Well with Christmas just around the corner and the hotel getting geared up for another festive period, we are pleased to let you all know that Turtle Bay is still alive and buzzing and Watamu is as tranquil and beautiful as ever.

We have received a lot of emails from many of our repeaters who are booking to come back at various time between now and Easter. The elections here in Kenya have led to a certain amount of uncertainty in the country but this has in no way changed the positive, friendly atmosphere here at your favourite Watamu destination.

As you will read later, we were proud to receive the Eco-Warrior award in relation to all that has been done for the Timboni clinic through the Turtle Bay community office.

Much thanks for this must also go to all the very generous people who have personally contributed over the years and we see this as deserved recognition of their efforts and philanthropy. Thanks to all!!
In the last year, we have invested heavily to improve the wifi at the hotel and we have had many compliments about the speed and ease of access. We asked the duty managers what was the most asked question when they were walking around the hotel……and guess what it was ….yes ‘what’s the wifi password’? We have also introduced TVs to the rooms which were not to everybody’s taste but everyone can choose whether or not to turn them on!!

So wherever you are we wish you well and look forward and look forward to welcoming you back to Turtle Bay in the not too distant future!! Karibu sana


Turtle Bay Beach Club, a Winner Again!!

Eco-Tourism Kenya recognizes innovation and exceptional achievements for promoting responsible tourism and enhancing tourism sustainability which directly conserves the natural environment and supports local communities within those ecosystems.






We are on You Tube

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Coastal Cosmos Star Party

Turtle Bay was priviledged to host Coastal Cosmos Star Party on 15th September, 2017. This was an exciting opportunity to learn more about our fantastic ocean and the amazing cosmos!

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World Environmental Day 2017

Watamu celebrates International Environmental days by taking actions on environmental problems. The more pronounced problem in Watamu is marine and pollution due to plastic wastes. This year the world environmental day was celebrated by holding a beach clean and entire clean-up of the Watamu neighbourhood.

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Tourists with a purpose

When we made the call for interested volunteers to come out and help the people of Watamu, a mother and son came out to volunteer at Gede Special School and at Sita Hidden community Snake Park respectively.



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Free education!? Not so free!

There has been widespread misinformation that education in Kenya is free (wholly taken care of by the government). The truth of the matter is; the government has been only paying up the tuition fee which is only a fraction of the money paid as school fee and left the rest to the parents. The remaining sum still makes a huge chuck of money. The already destitute parents still have to get school uniforms, text books and make other payment required by school administration such as activity fee, school development fee, meal plans and so forth. This kind of situation still makes many students/children to drop out of school. We are very proud of our guests who have over the years been of great assistance to us and have taken up sponsorship for the local children.

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One Continuous Year Visit to Turtle Bay Beach Club


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More European charter airlines to fly to Mombasa

By: Mathias Ringa
13 Sep 2017 16:30 (UTC+3)

Tui Airlines Netherlands and Travel Service from the Czech Republic have been given the go-ahead to operate weekly flights to Mombasa.

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This is to inform you that Kenya has enforced a ban on the use of plastic bags from 28th August 2017. The ban refers to the use, manufacture and importation of the banned plastics within Kenya and especially affects plastic carrier bags.

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Lemon Basil Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich

Chicken salad never had it so good as in this lemon basil chicken caesar salad sandwich! I am a fan of chicken salads where chicken is served in a light, usually mayo based, and dressing along with extras and for a twist I enjoy using a caesar salad dressing as the dressing, especially when it's a homemade one! Since it's summer I like to add some seasonal flavours like lemon and basil which add an amazingly light brightness to the dressing that just screams summer! These lemon basil chicken caesar salad sandwiches are the perfect summer lunch food whether for at home, at work, at a picnic or even on the beach!

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25 Best Travel Tips

Be Flexible We always plan for delays and try not to get upset when things inevitably go wrong. Patience is extremely important when traveling!



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